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Letters from last October

From my journal and notes on my phone. 10/19/19: Strange how for me, for a long time, China represented freedom. 10/21/19: “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life. As our interactions become bigger, broader. and fashionable, our actions and reactions become just as big. bold, and flashy, making it even easier to miss […]


Hello from the United States! Big update: Due to the elevated Level 3 Travel Advisory from both the Department of State and the CDC from the coronavirus outbreak, the Department of State has decided that all NSLI-Y students must depart China at this time. Change is happening faster than I can keep up with, the […]

Happy new year, from the baby chick

Happy January 1st, 2020 dear reader! I’m on my bed in my dorm, flipping between my UChicago supplemental essays draft Google Doc and a bunch of hilarious Medium articles on the worst (and best) moments of the 2010s. Pa just messaged me on Wechat, ordering me to post some sort of “New Year” update before […]

Walking the lonely wooden bridge

“你走你的阳光道,我走我的独木桥。” You can walk your sun-lit path, I’m going to walk my lonely wooden bridge. Or so says my mother. She taught me this phrase, like many other Chinese idiomatic phrases, in the middle of a lecture. Now, more than ever, this phrase is being applied to my life here in Beijing. A recap of […]