Category: Gap Year

Aaaaaand… we’re in quarantine.

Good morning, dear reader, where ever you are! I’ve spent the past two weeks or so building the foundation of Little Darlings Academy. I am currently writing to you from the top bunk of a one of two bunk beds in a 100 ft2 glorified tent called a Visible Good. Why, you might be asking, […]

One week living on the rubble

Hello from Dundas Town, Abaco, Bahamas! I’m writing to you from the same position as last week, accompanied by some tea I brought from home (matcha grapefruit), an incredibly overpriced apple ($3), and an extremely loud Christian service going on next door. A few of my “bubblemates” are here too, milling about and grazing on […]

The beginnings: dead trees, visible goods, and conch shells.

This might be the most tiring weekend I’ve ever experienced. Saturday morning started at 6 AM in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. By 7, I was on a tiny charter plane a few thousand feet above the Atlantic Ocean. Then we arrived on the island of Great Abaco, Bahamas. I think I was in a bit of […]

Just a tad uncomfy

Good morning, dear reader! I’m writing to you from a pink Airbnb in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I managed to survive a spot of motion sickness on the flight and arrived here yesterday afternoon. I’ll be staging here for about a week in preparation for a two-month volunteer trip to the Bahamas. I’m currently living in […]

Fears and reflections for the new year

Happy 2021, dear reader! I wanted to get an update out before I lost the courage to write. I think I’ve faced more fear and monotony in 2020 than in any year before. My fear originating the realization and re-realization of my lack of control, monotony from the circumstances we have all been facing. Just […]

Why, hello there stranger.

It’s been a while, dear diary. A few updates: I’m taking a gap year from 2020-2021 COVID-19 is still happening I’ve been in my house for four months I have worn a mask in public for about 7 months now. And counting. I promise I’ve been intending to write. Something about the monotony of my […]