Hello from the United States! Big update: Due to the elevated Level 3 Travel Advisory from both the Department of State and the CDC from the coronavirus outbreak, the Department of State has decided that all NSLI-Y students must depart China at this time.

Change is happening faster than I can keep up with, the past few days I’ve just been going through the motions but honestly, I don’t think I’ve really processed anything yet. A brief list of things that have happened in the last four days: I went to Shanghai to see family. I was sent back to Beijing. I said my goodbyes to my incredible host family and the people that made up my whole life for the past five months. I said goodbye to my new home. I was sent back home. I got on local news about thirty minutes after I arrived.

My host father kept saying, “变化比计划快。” Change moves faster than the plan. It’s going to be a couple of days or even weeks until I think I’ll be ready to write a bit more about my life these past weeks and months, I hope you can understand.

I feel different, but almost everything is the same. It feels good to be home.


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